Brightfire Firework Displays

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BrightFire Pyrotechnics Ltd. is licenced and insured to fire displays anywhere in the world any day of the year.

We hold £10m public liability insurance which meets the requirements for all UK councils.

Display prices start from £750 and the sky's the limit.

Fireworks to music

We specialise in choreographing firework displays to music. These pyromusicals start from £1,500.

Unlike most displays you see with music, we actually choreograph our fireworks to the beat of the music. We use state of the art computerised digital firing systems which allows us to time the fireworks to burst exactly on the beat of the music.

Typical Display Prices

Our display prices start from £750.  The way we work out a display is a percentage according to the budget you have, so the higher the budget the more fireworks will be in your display. 

Being direct importers of fireworks we can offer the best possible prices as we have no middle man.

We can make £750 worth of fireworks last 10 minutes if that’s what is required or we can make it last 3 minutes.

We are very experienced with firework displays so please trust our recommendations.

We recommend a £750 budget budget display should last no more than 5 minutes to ensure you get the most out of the fireworks. 

Some companies quote a price per minute, this makes no sense as we have fired shows for £15,000 and £750 each lasting 5 minutes.  The best thing to do is decide how much you have to spend, then we can work to that. 

If you have a budget of £1,500 or over then we would highly recommend a pyro-musical.  We specialise in choreographing fireworks to music.  Using the latest in digital firing system technology, we can fire a firework display to music with split second timing from multiple locations spread over an entire city if desired.  We would recommend a pyro-musical for £1,500 should last approximately 3-5 minutes. 

The budget is entirely up to you, we can work to anything and will always give you true and realistic advice.